We are all following what is happening in Afghanistan, feeling helpless and wondering how we can help. The idea is to distribute aid packages with food for one month to local families in need.

With this project we would like to offer protection and help especially to the women in Afghanistan.

Many women are currently afraid to go outside and therefore barricade themselves at home. The fear of the Taliban does not even allow women to take care of their necessary errands, such as shopping. People have no income or have to survive on their last savings.

Livelihood Aid for Afghanistan

That is why we have decided to help the people of Afghanistan quickly and without further ado. Many of the Afghans are internally displaced people from outside seeking shelter in Kabul. They are camping in parks and are gathered at all central points in the hope of getting help.
We are collecting donations for the displaced families, as well as for our students who are currently unable to study and work due to the threatening situation.

Food For One Month

Our aid kit includes the following basic food items:

  • 35 kg rice
  • 5 kg beans
  • 5 L oil
  • 5 kg sugar
  • 7 kg grains

With this package for 50 €, a family of about 6 can survive for a month.
For this special campaign, NAZO Deutschland e.V. would also like to distribute cash to the students and those affected so that they do not have to fear financial existential fears until they can (hopefully) live and work independently again.

Distribution On Site

Our trusted person, Mr. Massud, who was previously also responsible for the safety of the women, is taking care of the procurement and distribution of the food on site.
Since this is an emergency campaign, our goal is to reach as many people as possible in a short time. Developments on the ground are constantly changing and depending on the situation, the content of the aid package may change (for example: weather change, …).

Interesting facts


Kabul and the district of Nejrab

Economic scope:

The project is funded through a Betterplace fundraiser.


After the Taliban took power, uncertainty and despair reign. Funds are frozen, wages are not paid, food becomes scarce. People lose their livelihoods and can no longer feed themselves and their families. Children are dying of starvation. Acute emergency aid is urgently needed.

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