Even though we do not know how the Taliban will behave towards NGOs, we will do everything we can to continue our work in Afghanistan.

We believe that we must help on the ground to avoid refugee causes. If all the more educated Afghans leave the country, who is going to carry out the reconstruction?

At the same time, we are still trying to help some female Afghan staff who are willing to leave the country, as they are acutely at risk.

The NAZO training centers in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena/Kabul and in Nejrab are only open on a limited basis at the moment until we know more precisely whether the students can go there safely.

The payment of the sponsors’ donations is secured. We will continue to distribute the money to the women in need and make every effort to reach anyone who cannot come to our training center in Ahmad Shah Baba Mena/Kabul to collect it in person.

On 04.09.2021, the staff of Afghan Luminous Sun, our partner organization in Kabul, met at our executive director Parwin’s home and discussed how to continue. It is not possible for women and men to be seen together in public.

They have decided:

“So far, the authorities and private companies have not started their work. We also want to shut down the work in progress so that attention is diverted from our training centers. This will allow us to better secure our offices, its inventory and records. The way of working for the implementation of the projects must be adapted to the new circumstances. If the banks remain closed for a longer period of time, we will have to look for other ways to pay the sponsors and other costs. We and our staff are still willing to help those in need and preserve the values gained by ALS.”

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