A few days ago we received an email from Afghanistan with a beautiful message:

If you help someone, you can be sure that in the near future he will be a servant of his family, his countrymen and his country and will remember you for the rest of his life.

Hazrat, ALS Afghanistan

INFO: The masculine form has been used to improve the readability of personal designations and personal words. These terms apply to all genders.

Also included in this mail were “success stories” from our sponsored women, some of whom have been able to turn their lives around with the monthly support of their German sponsors.

One of them is young Shukrana, who still lives with her parents along with her four sisters. The family’s income is minimal and yet she does not want to give up her dream of studying law. The picture shows her learning English at a language school.

Thanks to the family’s support, Shukrana’s sister Farkhunda was given the opportunity to train as a midwife.

23-year-old Sadaf lost her father a few years ago and also her mother in the turmoil of coronavirus and the takeover. Sadaf and her siblings are supported by several sponsors from Germany so that the young woman can continue her studies to become a nurse within the bounds of what is possible. In the photo, she is taking part in a training operation.

Mahmooda is one of those fighters who get back up every time they are brought to their knees. The educated young woman gave literacy courses during the carpet projects in Nejrab and earned her living as a teacher. As the Taliban turn a blind eye to women in medical professions, Mahmooda now works in this field so that she can continue to provide for her parents and siblings.

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