Thanks to the donations received, we were able to secure financial support for Lailuma until August 2024. She now receives a fixed monthly amount with which she can cover her expenses.

Her husband told us how difficult it was for them to get medical support in Afghanistan. He and Lailuma ended up traveling to Pakistan without valid passports, which was very risky. At a private clinic in Pakistan, they were then able to get an accurate MRI scan of Lailuma’s head. The discovered tumor of about 6 cm in her head was successfully removed and she was promised that the paralysis on one side of her body would improve with time.

After 6 months, Lailuma is doing much better in terms of paralysis, but food intake and digestion are causing her some difficulties, and the vision in her right eye has also deteriorated.

In a thank-you video by Lailuma, she recounts how, after taking power, the Taliban promised to keep female employees in ministries in similar positions with the same salary. And how this – like so many other things – eventually turned out to be a lie. Both she and her husband lost their employment. She would therefore like to express her heartfelt thanks to all the donors and asks God to richly reward everyone for this.

Keep donating so we can extend Lailuma’s support period:

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Please indicate “Help for Lailuma” as the subject. On behalf of Lailuma and her family, we would like to thank you very much for all donations received. 100% of the money will go to Lailuma’s family.

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