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Little Bibi Zainab is 5 years old. Due to a brain tumor, her physical and mental development has unfortunately remained at the level of a 1-year-old. Although the tumor was first successfully removed with great effort and extreme financial burden on the family, it has returned and is growing again. The desperate parents then contacted our sister organization ALS with a request for financial support to secure further treatment.

Bibi Zainab’s father owns a small store with which he is able to generate a small income for the family. Unfortunately, he also suffers from health problems and has had to invest a lot of money in his treatment in the past. So far quite unsuccessfully. His wife takes care of their 5 children and therefore cannot contribute anything to the income. The oldest child is 10 years old. School fees have to be paid and in view of the many difficulties and the financial bottlenecks, the family is becoming increasingly desperate.

Bibi’s Zainab’s tumor continues to grow with each passing day. It is imperative that the little girl’s treatment be continued as soon as possible. The family would like to sincerely thank all supporters and include them in their prayers.

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