A Kelim is a woven carpet or wall hanging whose special feature is that the weft thread forms the pattern on both sides of the Kelim. This means that the Kelim, similar to European picture weaving, is not woven with the weft thread pulled through. A Kelim project for our Afghan women lasts 4 years and is divided into 4 training phases.

(Female) Trainer

Since there have not been and still are no female teachers for most of the professions, we have had to rely on working with male teachers from the very beginning.
The female students have to accept the male teacher. If necessary, ALS has a clarifying discussion with the respective head of the family. Only when the family has agreed, the woman can come to the center and learn.

Contents of the Training

The students are divided into groups and talk among themselves about a possible design for the Kelim. They ask questions to their teacher if they have problems while working. The lesson plan includes the use of designs and tools, as well as carpet knotting. Accompanying the training are literacy, legal and health courses.

Interesting facts

Location: Ahmad Shah Baba Mena (Kabul), province of Kapiza

Time Period: 2017-2020 (Ahmad Shah Baba Mena), 2017-2021 (Kapiza)

Trainees: 70 (Ahmad Shah Baba Mena), 70 (Kapiza)

Studio: 15 (Ahmad Shah Baba Mena), 20 (Kapiza)


70 students go through this basic training within 4 years. Afterwards, they can produce carpets and thus contribute to the family income.
From each training round (12 months), the 5 best students can continue their education. The target group are mainly the students who want to start their own business later on. In other words, over the 48 months, there are always 25 female students working or learning at the center at different levels.
At the end of the project, a stable group of at least 15 women has formed among the 70 graduates, who are capable of producing woven and knotted textiles of superior quality as individual pieces or in small series, which they can market at home and abroad.

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