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62-year-old Nasima can look back on an eventful life. But instead of being able to relax in old age, fate is now hitting her with full force. She was married to a relative at the age of 16, and the marriage resulted in three sons and two daughters. The three sons and the eldest daughter are married and have families of their own.

Her husband used to work as a police officer, but sustained a head injury during the war that left psychological damage. The psychological impairments visibly worsened. Nasima’s husband suddenly began biting, injuring both her and the children, destroying windows, doors, and glass. At times, he left the house and never found his way back. This caused him to lose his job with the government. This happened at a time when the children were very young and the family depended on their father’s salary. Therefore, Nasima started taking cleaning jobs in other households to keep the family alive.

Her children grew up, went to school. Her youngest daughter even attended university until recently. Then the Taliban came and Nasima’s sons lost their jobs and her daughter was no longer allowed to attend university. Although they ran separate households, all the families live in one house. Nasima’s youngest daughter has stomach problems caused by Helicobacter bacteria that would require treatment, as does her husband’s prostate disease – but there is no money for the doctor or for medication. Nasima is at the end of her rope, hopeless and helpless. She does not feel able to provide enough for her husband and daughter and therefore asks for help. She would be very happy about financial support through a sponsorship and maybe then hope will return someday.

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