In the countryside, women usually have only the traditional role of wife and mother. The villages are often far away, without infrastructure. There are rarely schools or educational opportunities. In the villages, women can best and directly build up their own livelihood by keeping cattle. That is why the NAZO women developed the “Cows for Rural Women” projects.

Cows for rural women

Pregnant cows are bought for needy village women. The first calf that the mother cow gives birth to is given to another needy woman. The mother cow remains with the first owner and provides her with a livelihood by selling milk, yogurt and butter.

The men help out

The men of the village are involved in all decisions from the very beginning and actively help with the construction of the cowsheds. In the village, a room is rented from a farmer for 6 months for the lessons. There, the selected women meet twice a week and learn everything that is necessary for successful cattle farming.

Interesting facts

Location: Nejrab, province of Kapiza

Time Period: 2013-2016 (Nejrab), 2017-2018 (Kapiza)

Families: 40 families (Nejrab), 40 families (Kapiza)


Positive Side-effect:

To learn at the farmer’s house, the women can leave their own house twice a week. GOING OUT OF THE HOUSE and MEETING with non-family members is the first and important step to broaden their horizon of experience. In the exchange with other women they make the experience that their problems do not only concern them, but that many women have similar thoughts, feelings, fears, and ideas. In joint conversation, solutions can often even be found for the most difficult problems.

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