Donations continue to trickle in and we continue – against all odds – to be busy distributing food parcels to needy families. We have to proceed with caution, because although we have official permission from the government, we try to operate as discreetly as possible. The bigger the distribution campaigns, the more alert our “bearded friends” become and the more inclined they feel to get involved. They would love to have a say in how the food is distributed. For us, however, there is no question that we exclusively select the needy families ourselves. Therefore, we rely on small and targeted actions and thus gradually convert the donations into food aid packages.

In December, another well-considered distribution campaign started. On 13.12.2021, 131 Kabul families received the aid packages, consisting of: Flour, Rice and Oil. Since there is currently a lack of everything, we focus on the three most important main food items. On the 14th of December we went on to Nejrab, where 64 more families were happy to receive the aid packages. In the selection of the families, our ALS employees have the highest priority, because they have decided to continue fighting on the ground in the spirit of the association’s goals and in the hope of a better future. They have chosen not to leave the country or did not have the opportunity in the first place. In second place are all our (former) students and their families, according to urgency and need. The remaining packages go to selected families whose need is greatest according to the completed survey.

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