We were all shocked and paralyzed at the latest news from Afghanistan – thoughts like “How are we going to do this? We can’t do this, we can’t continue without the women.” led to sleepless nights. The talk is of the Taliban’s latest major coup to further exclude women from society by banning women from working in non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Regardless of whether they are local or overseas organizations.

The bland excuse – in the offices of NGOs, it is claimed that women have not properly worn their hijab. So to combat this supposed decline in morale, there is now a general ban on female NGO employees from working. As a result, many larger organizations have decided to withdraw completely from Afghanistan.

Since men are not allowed to come into contact with women outside the family, it is essential that aid organizations also employ women who can come into direct contact with women and families in need, children, etc. Needy women cannot be reached without female employees of NGOs. Our organization, which is mainly focused on helping women and their families, would not be able to act without our female employees.

In consultation with our sister association ALS, we have decided – against all odds – to continue. For us, giving up is still not an option, many women rely on us, depend on us, nourish their last spark of hope from our support and assistance. Of course, our women cannot go to the office for the time being, they will work remotely from home. We continue to ensure that all sponsor families receive their financial support. This is working very well so far with quarterly payments to the women. Our chicken projects will also continue and will be expanded. 2023 will not be easier than 2022 – there will be more rocks. But we will move every rock out of the way bit by bit….

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