Tailoring training was held in a total of 5 locations both in the capital, as well as in rural areas, in the period from 2004 to 2018. The tailoring profession includes sewing, cutting, designing. In addition, the students learn about the diverse textile arts and crafts of Afghanistan and are guided to combine traditional skills with modern techniques and ideas.

Useful Training

This profession is particularly useful for everyday use in the family: each member of the family several times a year need clothes, tablecloths or bed linen, etc.

Experience shows that women are very eager to learn this craft in particular, and often already have a basic knowledge of it, so they can achieve appealing results relatively quickly.

Future Prospects

The training is completed with an examination. If the participant has passed this, she receives her state-approved certificate. After passing the final exam, each student can take her sewing machine home. It is her property and forms the basis for her independence.

Interesting facts

Location: Nejrab, Ahmad Shah Baba Mena, Kart-e-Nau, Sheweki, Kamari

Time Period: 2004-2017 (Kart-e-Nau), 2008 (Sheweki), 2013-2014 (Kamari), 2014-2017 (Ahmad Shah Baba Mena), 2015-2017 (Nejrab)

Trainees: 420 (Kart-e-Nau), 22 (Sheweki), 15 (Kamari), 150 (Ahmad Shah Baba Mena), 100 (Nejrab)

Studio: 7 (Kart-e-Nau), 20 (Kamari), 10 (Ghazi Big Kheel, Nejrab), 15 (Arbab Kheel, Nejrab) former students


Women and girls attend the educational and further training courses in health, legal advice, sales promotion and literacy, which they complete with a certificate. Building on this, they can either consider further education (e.g. midwife, counselor, nurse, etc.) or improve their future in a school for former illiterate women.
In any case, this has decisively improved their right to have a say within the family and the village community.

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