Life in Afghanistan continues as usual. We still cannot venture into large projects that are primarily aimed at the well-being and self-determination of women. That would simply not work in the current political situation. The success of the chicken project thus makes us all the happier. The families who received chickens and the corresponding “starter set” from us are working hard to improve their livelihoods. They do it by selling eggs or meat or by breeding chicks. It is often the little things that make a lasting difference.

During the fasting month of Ramadam, the 20 poorest families from the districts of Kabul and Nejrab were once again selected by our partner organization ALS to participate in the chicken project. 200 chickens were distributed to clearly happy families, along with food and accessories. The families can now use the chickens to feed themselves or for marketing to supplement the family income, which is often low or non-existent.

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